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Educational Online Courses

Are you new to the mortgage broker industry or looking to get a little refresher course? Are you looking for the perfect goals, planning & accounting worksheet? Do you need a helping hand in your social media planning? Are you struggling with time blocking? Thinking about making trade shows part of your business? Templates aren't your strong suit, we can help! Theses courses are specifically designed to help you run an successful and efficient mortgage business. 


Individual Mortgage Mentoring

Bringing your mortgage business to a new height with one-on-one mentorship and extreme accountability. If the Elite Group Mastermind isn't affordable quite yet then this is the next best thing.
You will receive one 45 minute call a month along with access to Sarah in between calls.


Private Sessions & Seminars

Are you and your team ready to take the next step in your mortgage business. We offer exclusive one on one mortgage coaching with Sarah Strauss. Maybe you are looking to move your mortgage business in a new direction. Booking your team in for a private mortgage seminar may just be what you have been waiting for.


Elite Group Mastermind

Work closely with me throughout the next 6 months – all while developing deep and nourishing relationships with other successful mortgage brokers! 


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When it comes to playing a BIGGER game and creating a TRUE, lasting impact, nothing beats the power of in-person connection. Energy gets magnified and dramatic shifts happen when like-minded individuals come together and support each other.


Educating mortgage brokers like you and enabling them to come to a place where they feel comfortable and secure. 


Fostering building blocks so you feel confident and secure in the advise you are offering your clients. 


You're made for more.  The sky is the limit.  And here you will soar! 

"My failed 1st attempt to enter the mortgage industry has proven how invaluable coaching with Sarah has been for me. My second time around has been much different. Starting my journey with Sarah as my mentor has provided me with the support to do the job well, which has developed my confidence, ultimately positioning me for success. Let me save you the headache and money…sign up!"

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