More Clients ~ More Freedom 

I am looking for a select group of individual mortgage associates who want to seriously scale their business, and their life in the next year. 

As human beings, we thrive in communities, not alone.  

You must have realized by now that business is a collaborative effort and you need a solid SUPPORT system to go big. It's easy to let yourself down, but not so easy when you have someone looking out for you with a big old accountability stick.

You want people by your side who believe in your dreams and are there to support and push you no matter what.

The Elite Group Mastermind is created precisely with that in mind.

Want to join us?


// Mortgage Broker

School teaches you the basics but doesn’t seem to incorporate real-world survival skills.
Having Sarah coach me through my deals and the business, has been, hands down, the best investment I have made, paying for itself over and over.

She is full of tips and tricks to save time and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to alternative strategies on closing the deal. It is these unconventional approaches that have set me apart from the rest, attributing to my success! Thank you, Sarah!!


// Mortgage Broker

I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Sarah. She has provided the guidance I  needed to succeed in this industry. The rules and regulations have changed quite a bit over the last 4 year but she continues to create ways to make it easier with spreadsheets, calculators, tips and tricks along with regular webinars to discuss topics that can be a struggle. I believe in this industry you need a good mentor, one who will be there to train you when you need it and give you that little push when you need it as well. Sarah is constantly encouraging me and all the other agents to succeed,  step out of the box and be accountable to the goals we set so we can be successful. If you're looking for a good mentor and to succeed in this business I highly recommend Sarah!!!!


// Mortgage Broker

 I am so glad I began coaching with Sarah Strauss. Sarah is just incredible, knowledgeable, and very helpful. As someone who was just starting in this field, she provided me with great mentorship, tools and resources needed to be successful. She keeps everything very organized and makes it easy to access.  Whenever I need help, Sarah is just a phone call away and we can sort things out very quickly. I’m glad to have her as my coach.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Most Incredible Year Yet

When you’re a part of the Elite Group Mastermind, you experience the broker world through a new perspective, in a new dimension.

The coaching you will receive over the year is not about offering you the cookie-cutter advice and tactics. It’s about staying accountable, implementing advanced methodologies and finding new solutions. I am completely dedicated to maximizing your income, minimizing your stress and finding you your perfect balance. 

Over the period of 10 months, there will be 20 bi-monthly, 60-minute virtual group meetings over Zoom, 10 one-on-one coaching calls and 10 intense webinar workshops structured to address an advanced topic in our industry and leave you with tangible tools to grow your business. We will begin the first week of February until the end of December 2020 (taking the month of July off for a recharge break). 
Not to forget the private Facebook Community that is exclusive to my Elite Mastermind Members. Think a vibrant and energizing living room experience for behind the scenes discussions, vulnerable conversations, brutally honest feedback, and supporting each other every step of the way. 
Each group call, coaching session and workshop is designed for focused action, creative collaborations and maximum results to dramatically increase your bottom line.
Apart from group discussions and brainstorming, you will also have the opportunity to share your business challenges or to ask for help in any way. You’re sure to experience massive breakthroughs as a result of actionable, tailored and focused advice.

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